Write a message on a picture frame

A single word looks perfect either at the top or the bottom of the frame. You could also draw a pair of glasses in the middle of a mirror. Here are a few picture frame ideas: Window cleaner or white vinegar cleanser Rubbing alcohol Any one of the following: Hang it in a prominent place.

Bring a Smile Choose a silly picture and take turns writing captions. Glue a large pom pom to the end of the dry-erase marker to be an eraser. Subscribe to our email list to receive a FREE video outlining my top 5 tips for saving money on groceries.

My Wish For You This is similar to number 3, but the message has a different focus.

Picture Frame Craft – DIY Write-On Frames

Keep a dry erase marker close by and write notes on a regular basis. Do not use a pencil eraser to remove pencil marks as the rubber from the eraser will remain on the frame. Other Ideas For teachers: I found scrapbooking paper that coordinated with our bedroom colours.

Make pencil marks to guide the placement of your letters. I am going to launch ours with a quote from my favourite deep thinker, Winnie The Pooh: Do not apply sealant when children are near.

Follow pencil marks with permanent markers or paint pens. Take turns writing inspirational quotes on it. Lightly trace words on the frame using a pencil.

Mark out the spacing of the lettering. Permanent markers and paint pens can give a festive or child-like feel, while metallic leafing pens provide a more formal and dignified quality.

Keep picture frames away from dust or wind while the paint and the sealant are drying. Encouragement Frame Turn a regular picture frame into a spot to write quick love notes for your significant other. For example, I See in You: Immediately wash off any ink or paint that has touched your skin.

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Did you know you can write on the glass part of a picture frame with a dry-erase marker? And if you did, why didn’t you tell me? Picture Frame Craft – DIY Write-On Frames. This is similar to number 3, but the message has a different focus. Buy Personalized Wood Picture Frames - Simplicity and search for personalized For The Home from ultimedescente.com(51).

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How to Write on Picture Frames; Plan what you want to write on the frame. If you aren’t sure what type of photograph will be inserted, use generic terms such as “love” or “friendship.” If you know the photograph the picture frame will hold, coordinate the words or message with that picture.

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Write a message on a picture frame
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