Watching movies at home vs theatre

They will watch the latest movies. In the theater, you can also buy popcorn or chicken nuggets. It stirs up excitement between your friends and family. Browse hundreds of Postwriting tutors. You can imagine that you are lying on the couch watching movies, and eating nice food.

If you choose to go to the movie theater, you feel the hang of watching the movie by being surrounded by other people, and night view. So, going to cinema to watch movies is a good choice for them. Being comfortable is another big factor for me in determining whether watching a movie at home or at a movie theater?

Assume a family of four two adults, two children goes to the movies on a Friday night at The Imagine theater in Novi, MI. On the rare occasions I do want to watch movies with others, I can, but only the people I want to, and not that one guy who always wants to talk about a review of the movie he read while watching the movie.

When you watching movies at home, and you can watch movies for free. There is something to be said for big screen viewing; however, the home provides a comfortable, intimate, and common place for families of all social levels to enjoy classic or newly released movies.

Watching movie at theatre or at Home

Having time leisure is another advantage of watching movies at home. From the above graph we can clearly see that the amount of people hope watching movie at home is dramatically larger than the amount hope watch at theatre.

And we can sit in the comfort of our home. First, the atmospheres of going to cinema to watching movies are different from at home. I do think watching movie athome is a better idea. Comfort ability at home is another story. Some families watch movies as a source of bonding time after their individual day.

My experience, it took about minutes to reach a theater from my house in Detroit to drive to the Imagine Theater in Novi, MI when I could have just stay at home and watch a DVD instead and saved money and time.

Why Movies Are Better in the Theater

There are disadvantages but great advantages at the same time. Let us know if you agree, or have your own reasons for preferring one over the other, in the comments below. There are many different reasons, such as varying atmospheres, different cost, different timeliness and convenience.

Pirated movies are freaking sweet: No such thing here, my favorite seat is always available and perfectly positioned the way I want it. Though most of us still encounter financial struggles, we must not allow the fluctuations of a business cycle to limit our love, enjoyment, and access to film.Dec 22,  · Obviously, owning a home theater allows you to rent or purchase movies to watch in the comfort of your living room -- something an average person will do more than go to the cinema -- but at $ Watching a Movie at Home vs.

Theater Essay example Words | 3 Pages. film industry is the largest of any industries with India making the most number of movies per year than any other country.

The statistic shows data on preferred movie watching location among U.S.

consumers as of December During a survey, 21 percent of respondents stated they preferred watching movies in a theater. May 17,  · In conclusion, the comparison between watching movies at home and in the theater is that in the theaters, you just have to be aware of you surrounding.

You don’t have control of the movie.

Preferred movie watching location: theater vs. home in the U.S. 2013

On the contrary, if you are watching it at home, seating is usually comfortable at home and you don’t really have to be careful on sitting. Vs Recently movies developing quickly, and more and more people like to watch movies, but there are different opinions about watching movies at different place, some people beginning like to go to the cinema, and other people like to watching movies at home.

Growing up going to the theater was always a special treat, because watching the movies at home were way cheaper.

Home theater vs. movie theater

So, even now as a young adult the theater still feels special. Despite the many cons, somehow the cons add up into an invaluable experience called “The Theater” or “The Cinema”.

Watching movies at home vs theatre
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