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It is situated at least 2. The event has triggered being part of the wonders of the world. The colors change at different hours of the day. Eight pishtaq arches define the space at ground level and, as with the exterior, each lower pishtaq is crowned by a second pishtaq about midway up the wall.

With a huge dome on top of it, the height reaches to about fifty five meters with its height emphasized by a brass spire which is almost seventeen meters high. These charming water fountains make the entry to the great mausoleum.

The construction began in This suggests a construction date of AD, about years before Shah Jahan. On the lid of the casket is a raised rectangular lozenge meant to suggest a writing tablet.

It sparkles in the moonlight when the light hits the white marble and catches the glow of the moon. The garden uses raised pathways that divide each of the four quarters of the garden into 16 sunken parterres or flowerbeds.

A few precedents exist in the 20 years before the construction of the Taj in the Tomb of Akbar and the Tomb of Jahangir. Approximately elephants were used for the transportation purposes.

During the time of the Indian Rebellion ofthe Taj Mahal was defaced by British soldiers and government officials, who chiselled out precious stones and lapis lazuli from its walls. Then he decided to build a large grave in the memory of her wife.

Khurram Shihab-ud-din Muhammad mostly called as shahjahan after he succeeded his father for the throne was born on January 5th in the year to the mogul emperor Jahangir and to his Rajput wife Manmathi. Shan Jahan ordered for the construction of this beautiful master piece at the want of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal at the time of her death.

The architecture style is Persian and is in no way a comparison with any other monument in the world. The entire monument has a fine layout each fitting to the overall majestic setup. No wonder why thousands of people flock to this wonderful monument of eternal love carved on stone.

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Other scholars suggest another explanation for the eccentric siting of the mausoleum. Threats Protective wartime scaffolding Inthe government erected a scaffolding to disguise the building in anticipation of air attacks by the Japanese Air Force.

At the end of the 19th century, British viceroy Lord Curzon ordered a sweeping restoration project, which was completed in It is considered that he had loved her wife so much and became so sad after her death.

The Mughal mosques of this period divide the sanctuary hall into three areas comprising a main sanctuary and slightly smaller sanctuaries on either side. That would be love, the greatest mystery of all. Both the base and casket are elaborately inlaid with precious and semiprecious gems.Taj Mahal Essay Sample Taj Mahal known as the symbol of love is an extraordinary monument of immense beauty beyond the scope of words.

The monument is not only a resemblance of a phenomenal architectural beauty but also shows immense love which was the reason of this great monument. Mausoleum of the Taj Mahal complex at Agra, India.

The 'Taj Mahal' represents the finest and most sophisticated example of Mughal architecture. Its origins lie in the moving circumstances of its commission and the culture and history of an Islamic Mughal empire's rule of large parts of India.

Custom Taj Mahal Essay Close to the River Yamuna and clearly seen from the fort in the western side, the Taj Mahal is situated in the northern end of the huge gardens surrounded by walls.

Its design pursues the Islamic theme which has been there for centuries. The Gateway Hotel Fatehabad Road Agra, by Taj is located near business and shopping districts of Agra and has a view of the Taj Mahal from most rooms. Visit Now to know more! Taj Mahal is located in Agra in Delhi, India on the banks of the Yamuna river.

InMughal emperor Shah Jahan ordered to build a huge grave in the remembrance of. The Taj seems to glow in the light of the full moon. On a foggy morning, the visitors experience the Taj Mahal as if suspended when viewed from across the Jamuna River.

Taj Mahal Essay Sample

Hire an Essay Writer > A Muslim, Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his dear wife and queen built the Taj Mahal at Agra, India.

Taj mahal agra essay writer
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