Research report on consumer preference towards branded outlets

Similarly at that time the branded jewellery makers started gaining acceptance of customers through attractive design and affordable prices Machleit, Eroglu, In this case there was a rise in demand of light weight jewellery among young consumers belonging to the age group as they considered jewellery as a necessary part of their usage rather than considered as an investment.

They also faced strong competition from local jewellers. At this time, branded jewellery also gained acceptance which forced traditional jewellers to be under a certain brand.

It is great revenue generator for any country. Since late s women were more focused towards trying new designs of jewellery which were trendier and light weight instead of traditional jewellery which was used at that time.

This study will help to understand the consumer preferences while purchasing Similarly, through this increasing competition traditional jewellers were also successful in bringing light weight jewellery and some of them also launched their in-house brand to gain more consumer acceptance.

Furthermore, people also considered only their family jewellers when buying jewellery. They also focused on gaining customers trust and confidence on their customers by demonstrating the quality of gold they are providing. Significance of the study Retail jewelry industry of any country occupies an important position in the economy of any country.

There was a fixed clientele of a local goldsmith and they were loyal to that goldsmith. The branded segment of jewellery occupied a small space at this time as the total jewellery market as they considered jewellery as an investment.

Buyer had unlimited faith on his jeweller and the local jeweller was based on providing local taste of traditional jewellery. Jewellery which was made 18 karat was at first considered as a poor investment. Many brands such as Sterling, Goldsmith and The Jewellery Company all opened their outlets in various parts of the company Chen, Yen, There was a definite change in the consumer preferences with time Machleit, Eroglu, People had more confidence local jeweller and it was considered as the hallmark of trust Zinn, Liu, They came up with various designs in order to increase their market share.

There was an increase in the gold retailers as they considered competition and opportunity in the market increased.The study concludes that the demographic variables such as age, gender, education qualification, occupational status and monthly income have an impact on.

Free research that covers a comparative study on the consumer's preference towards purchasing online branded jewellery and retail branded jewellery by table of contents chapter 1: introd. A STUDY ON CUSTOMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS SELECTED TEXTILE RETAIL OUTLETS COIMBATORE CITY*; ultimedescente.comDORAI** to study the awareness level of customers towards the textile retail outlets to University of Aveiro, “Made a study on Customers’ Attitude towards Branded Apparels”, Campus de Santiago, Aveiro, Portugal.

Influence of Consumer Demographics on Attitude Towards Branded Products: 3 An Exploratory Study on Consumer Durables in Rural Markets eventually achieve economies of face. International Refereed Research Journal Vol.– III, Issue –3(3),July [79] A STUDY ON THE CONSUMER PERCEPTION TOWARDS PRIVATE LABEL BRANDS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO BIG BAZAAR, COIMBATORE, TAMIL NADU image is the leading feature that differentiate private label brand with other branded product.

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Research report on consumer preference towards branded outlets
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