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Another inscription, found at Gunda and dated CE, in the reign of the Kshatrapa Rudrasinha, described his general Rudrabhuti, who was called Ahir. Similarly, when the Kathis arrived in Gujarat in the eighth century, they found the greater part of the country in the possession of the Ahirs.

D inscription found in Nashik speaks of an Abhira king, and there is proof that in the middle of the fourth century the Abhiras were settled in eastern Rajputana and Malwa.

Rao an eminent sociologistYadava is an ethnic category consisting of several allied castes, which together constitute about one-tenth of the total population of India. Low females were joined to low men. The merging of this Lord Krishna with the hero of the Mahabharat did not occur until about 4th century C.

A Rao further states that the Allahabad iron pillar inscription of Samudragupta fourth century A. The Gawlis rose to political power in Deogarhon the Chhindwara Plateau in the central provinces.

Later works did not discriminate between the two. Bhagwan Singh Suryavansi, in his research claims, archaeological research in Deccan has revealed, the presence of pastoral people of Neolithic era, who shares many attributes of Abhira.

After them, sixteen kings of the Kankas will rule and will be known for their excessive greed. Respectable men were compelled to shave off their beards, and were enrolled among the Shekhawat and the Wadhel tribes of Rajputs ; whilst the lower kinds were allotted to the castes of Kolis, Khantas, Babrias and Mers.

He took the title of Rajan and an era was named after him. According to a theory advanced by A P Karmakar, Abhiras were a Proto Dravidian Tribe, derived from Dravidian Ayir [20]which means cowherd, He further argues, Aitareva Brahmin refers to Vasah, as the name of people, which in vedic literature means cow.

This indicates that the Abhiras, who rose to political prominence in the second century B. Many scholars believe both Guptas [15] [28] and Mauryas were Abhir [29]. In that time, the Ahirs were either a sub-clan of the Hayheya or sided with the Hayheya. Tarikh i sorath states Mahmud could not stand his onslaught and rather fled to save his life.

They were heading from Dwaraka to Indraprasthaalong a road parallel to the course of Saraswati River. Sanskrit scholars in India however, have demurred this suggestion. Formerly the Ahirs had the exclusive right to milk cows.

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Because of this relative consensus, there is general belief that Abhira is the equivalent of Ophir [24]mentioned in the Bible. Eight kings of the first Ahir dynasty ruled Nepal, the first being Bhuktaman and the last Yaksha Gupta. The people of the Ahir tribe are traditionally cow herders.

A fourth century A. The bowels of the others, however, were cleansed by means of emetics and purgatives, and thereafter the captives were married to men of similar rank.

The Saugar traditions trace the Gawli supremacy to a much later date, as the tracts of Etawa and Khurai are held to have been governed by chieftains till the close of the seventeenth century Russell, In the same Parava, there is also reference to the Sura-Abhiras who are listed among the tribes of north such as the Yavanasthe Chinasthe Kambojasthe Darunas, and many Mleccha tribes, the Sukritvahas, the Kulatthas Kulutasthe Hunasand the Parasikasthe Ramanas, and the Dasamalikas, the Daradasthe Kasmirasthe Khasirasthe Bharadvajasand the diverse tribes of Kiratasthe Tomaras, the Hansamargas, and the Karamanjakas etc 6.

Finally he concludes, they spread from Indus to mathura, and migrated southward and eastward. And since the Sarasvati, in consequence of such contempt, is lost at that spot, the Rishis, for that reason, always name the place as Vinasana.

When the kathis arrived in Gujarat, they found the greater part of the country controlled by Ahirs. Madhuriputra, Ishwarsen and Shivdutta were well-known kings of this lineage. They said, Here there is only one bowman, Arjuna. In Marubhumi MarwarSaurashtra and Maharashtra areas, they served the local rulers and established their own rule.

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Then those men, with hearts overwhelmed by cupidity, those Abhiras of ill omen, assembled together and held a consultation. The Mirzapur district of the United Provinces has a tract known as Ahrauranamed after the Ahir, and near Jhansianother piece of country was called Ahirwar.

Hence, Abhira might have been present much earlier than what has been postulated so far. This generation of Abhira kings ruled for years till last of them was ousted by their Traikutaka feudatory in AD The warriors of the Vrishnis are without energy. He escorts them, transgressing us. The Ahirs may be seen to have continued their warrior tradition by their extensive participation in the Indian Army and police forces.

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Festivals A favorite saint is Haridas Baba. He is of the view that Ahirs have an Aryan Origin.Dec 11,  · What is Rashtriya Mandal khel pronounced in English? Follow.

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2 Rashtriya Mandal khel is Rashtriya Mandal khel. charlatan · 8 years ago. 0. Do people give up learning english because they are not able to assess the concepts of communication of the english language? What would be the closest chinese translation for the last Status: Resolved. This page shows answers for question: Rashtramandal Khel ki mejbani Konsa Desh Karega.

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