Ostia antica an overlooked archaeological site

He proposed better access to grain by the use of a new harbour in Ostia along with a canal from Tarracina. We were guests of Context in Rome, and experienced 4 different Context Tours during our 10 days in the city: Various guilds collegia became increasingly important: The Via Portuensis led from Portus to Rome.

The charm of a complex like Ostia is in the small discoveries you make while wandering. There are a couple of restaurants near the ruins, and there is also a restaurant inside the site.

Ostia Antica: The Best Ancient Roman City You’ve Never Heard Of

To the east and north of Ostia and Portus are salt-pans salinae. They were appointed for a period of one year, and gave their name to the year. Another option, if you plan Ostia antica an overlooked archaeological site spend just a half day in Ostia Antica, is to take the Roma Lido train into the modern town of Ostia for lunch.

Soon after, foreign explorers came in search of ancient statues and objects. The patroni who were elected were men who had been successful in Rome. This is visible from the top of the complex, accessible from the main road.

There are impressive mosaics and columns everywhere statues are mostly taken away for safekeepingbut highlights include the smaller domestic details: After the collapse of the Empire, the city fell into decadence, was eventually abandoned and remained untouched and magnificently preserved for centuries.

In remains on the north side of the river opposite the city were discovered and the built-up area of the city extended beyond the perimeter of the south wall the area within it is 69 hectares or acres. The local grain-supply many citizens received free grain, as in Rome seems to have been coordinated by the procurator annonae Ostiensis, an office held by Imperial freedmen.

Ostia grew to 50, inhabitants in the 2nd century, reaching a peak of someinhabitants in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. She enjoys travelling around Italy and beyondas well as marvelling at the many architectural and historical feats that Rome has to offer in the streets and museums.

The town was also soon enriched by the construction of a new harbour on the northern mouths of the Tiber which reaches the sea with a larger mouth in Ostia, Fiumara Grande, and a narrower one near to the current Fiumicino International Airport.

During his reign the north-east part of the city including the area that had been reserved by C. Finances were in the hands of two quaestores aerarii.

Caninius was rebuilt with a rectangular plan.

This attack caused such panic in Rome that Pompey the Great arranged for the tribune Aulus Gabinius to rise in the Roman Forum and propose a law, the lex Gabiniato allow Pompey to raise an army and destroy the pirates.

Zevi 1fig. In the film, however, Ostia is only ever referred to as simply "the port". However, compared to Pompeii or Herculaneum, it is less impressive and less well preserved. Terme di Nettuno Ostia Antica is also home to some impressively conserved mosaics, which made up the floors of many of the bathhouses.

Ina geophysical survey using magnetometryamong other techniques, revealed the existence of a boundary wall on the north side of the Tiber enclosing an unexcavated area of the city containing three massive warehouses.

But already in 62 AD the harbour was in use: The Jewish community in Ostia built a synagogue near the beach at the end of the first century.

Ostia Antica (archaeological site)

Directions from Rome Unless you have a car or wish to book a guided tour, Ostia Antica is very close to Rome and is easy to get to by public transport. Wandering down the ancient paths of Ostia Antica, all you need is a little imagination to evoke the ancient way of life. An inscription seems to confirm the establishment of the old castrum of Ostia in the 7th century BC.

In addition to writing this travel blog, and helping you plan your vacation, Geoff and I Katie made travel-themed adult coloring books!

After the tour, on our way out of the Ostia Antica site, while walking back to the train as a group, a tourist stopped us and asked for directions to the Ostia Antica entrance.

Vulcanus was the protective deity of Ostia, and his main priest, the pontifex Volcani, had general control over all temples in the city. Ostia had a large theatre, many public baths, numerous taverns and inns and a firefighting service. He was assisted by praetores and aediles.

Ostia Antica

In the lower left are Ostia and Portus, separated by the articial island Isola Sacra. There is plenty of seating indoors and outside for you to rest your weary legs.

The members were not able to use the prosperity of the first century AD to get hold of offices in Rome, contrary to what we see in other cities in Italy. Also like Pompeii, Ostia Antica is extraordinarily well preserved.Aug 31,  · Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica: Hours, Address, Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica Reviews: /5.

Europe ; Italy ; Lazio ; Province We took a train from Rome the night before our flight and stayed at a B&B in Ostia. Then went to the site first thing in the morning, then back to the B&B to take the luggage and take a taxi to /5(3K).

Ostia Antica Osita Antica is a historical architectural site referred to as one of Rome’s first colonies and as the seaport of ancient Rome.

“Ostia” in Latin means, “mouth”, and Ostia Antica was originally located at the mouth of the Tiber River on the Mediterranean Coast. Ostia Antica is a large archaeological site, close to the modern town of Ostia, that is the location of the harbour city of ancient Rome, 15 miles (25 kilometres) southwest of Rome.

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"Ostia" (plur. of "ostium") is a derivation of "os", the Latin word for "mouth".Cultures: Ancient Rome. Ostia Antica - a superb archaeological site near Rome - unmissable for those with an interest in how the ancient Romans lived.

Information for a great day out. a guide to ostia antica Imagine having Pompeii to yourself – no crowds, no stampeding hordes of tourists, just you and the cobbled streets of an Ancient Roman town, waiting to be discovered. Ostia Antica is an archaeological park very similar to Pompeii, only half an hour on the train from Rome.

One of my favourite archaeological sites in Italy is the Roman port town of Ostia Antica. You may not have even heard of it because it's often overlooked by visitors to Rome, as evidenced by the lack of crowds. I know Rome has so much to see, but Ostia is only 45 minutes out of the city and definitely worth making the trip for.

It's a wonderful site and .

Ostia antica an overlooked archaeological site
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