Nivea for men developing a marketing plan answer sheet essay

Basically a product or a service to be successful one requires segmenting the market in sub-segments. So, the last blank that needs to be filled is to calculate the results of all the marketing activities made in terms of the goals and objectives predefined.

Thus the firm used football sponsorship via which it created a good promotional balance on the both sides of the promotion that is ATL and BTL Forster, As the firm for product named Nivea for the men was actually launched in the year and they created a very strong base within the market of UK.

The brand with its ever evolving products and with a policy of continuous improvement has well penetrated in the entire world with its huge range of quality products. The understanding has increased that association of brands are transferred from one product to another which are subsequently introduced in the market.

The entire range of products under the NIVEA brand includes products catering to female body and face products, shaving gel and fairness products for men, a whole range of sun care, age revival and deodorant products.

Today we will discuss about Niveas marketing measures which has helped it generate great sales. Since yearcompanies provide more emphasis on the needs of consumers and gets involved in more experimental activities along with marketing and promotional mix.

This saved time and money for the firm and proved to be of great advantage Cateora, When owner of firm looked towards goodwill of company as well as wanted to market product, he took steps intended for extra publicity of quality of the product Giles, Nivea has been using traditional methods of advertising exist till today and is quite effective in its own ways.

Second piece of the data was used towards making the market plan as well as re-launching of NEVIA and was used towards looking at all target markets for attracting customers and making customers brand loyal to vast extent.

They helped the firm to abide by some definite rules and thereby helped Nivea to re-launch in better was. There are two benefits of marketing for a product.

A small Nivea audio commercial ranging from 30 to 60 sec can cover huge customer based as radio signals cover large areas Lauren, Thus the firm took steps towards developing quality of product. This focus upon the product development mixed along with emphasis upon consumer requirements and needs was the key differentiator of NIVEA.

The brand through these plans and strategies stood as a good and reliable brand and made its place in minds and hearts of people. As the product was made only for men and there was no other product in the market Nivea enjoyed the privilege of first mover Berkowitz and Berkowitz, The extremely creative person Dr.

Promotion —Activities performed by companies for communicating to existing customers and drawing the attention of potential customers all come under promotion. Their first aftershave balm product having no alcohol was the first of its kind in the market.

What different way of thinking can engage the male shopper better and effectively? Below the Line endorsement- Such endorsement also named as the indirect spending upon promotion was also used and TV channels otherwise commercials were used.

Such a plan would help the organization to set out the way in which the firm is to attain its objectives. Many followers of the game got attracted to the cream as they saw the team members and the celebrities using the cream and advertising for the cream Giles, Nivea, known for its high standard quality and customer satisfaction continues to be one of the top choices of users.

Above Line endorsement- It is even known as direct spending for an advertising that was also utilized by Nivea to sell its product. The main aims plus objectives of the business informs as well as shapes its overall business plan.

The firm had very strong research plus development department that helped the firm to bring in new product each time. Nivea, the leading skincare brand is the brainchild of the famous international company named Beiersdorf.

This helps setting specific targets, forecasting market trends and improving and growing the brand beyond its present performance level.Expain Nivea - For Men Case Analysis? Answer: plus evaluate usefulness of the two pieces of information and data that the firm NIVEA used while preparing the marketing plan for re-launch of Nivea For Men.

Thus the firm took steps towards developing quality of product.

They even extensively used SWOT & PEST evaluation of the market /5(14K). If a marketing plan is used, the business will know what the consumer wants, and will sell appropriate products which will increase revenue for the business.

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Discuss how effective you think the marketing plan for NIVEA FOR MEN has been. How to cite this page.

Nivea for Men: Developing a Marketing Plan Answer Sheet ; Market penetration Market development. This new range of product was the marketing game plan for the Nivea brand that brought a new concept in the market that male customers can now indulge into skin care like women. Advertising Strategy – Current Vs Traditional/5(14K).

Nivea for men developing a marketing plan answer sheet essay
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