Importance of recruitment and selection of

Legal Issues Discrimination is a serious concern among recruiters. Unsuccessful candidates should be notified promptly in writing and if possible given feedback. Advertisements, whether online or on paper, should be clear and indicate the: Why a proper recruitment and selection process important?

Managing the application and selection process There are two main formats in which applications are likely to be received: In a constantly changing business world, companies need to hire people who are adaptable, loyal, knowledgeable, dependable and confident, thereby creating a foundation for success.

Importance of Selection in the Recruitment and Orientation Process

Orientation deals with new employees assimilating into the organization. They need to think creatively and innovatively about where they can make reasonable adjustments, such as flexible working, where someone has a disability.

Steps can be taken to avoid such complications. If you are interested in recruitment or would like to learn more about the recruitment process, please stay tuned for our upcoming event, Insider Edition: They may also arise unexpectedly due to employee resignations or terminations. The number of days lost in key projects and the cost of delays can be the direct results of weak hiring and low-quality recruitment process.

Employers must also be aware of the legal requirements of and what information should be given in the written statement of particulars of employment. Once the minimum acceptable levels have been determined, management can then set out to recruit the most suitable candidates for the job.

This helps establish confidence in knowing that you have logically gone through a recruiting process and choose people based on defined metrics rather than gut feelings.

Recruitment and Selection About the Author Prasanna Raghavendra has been writing professionally since If the new hires are terminated or voluntarily quit within first few months, regardless of their performance, then the new hiring can hardly be called a success.

But it is important to be aware that a verbal offer of employment made in an interview is as legally binding as a letter to the candidate.

Recruitment and selection – The most important HR function

Poor selection procedures and processes lead to various unnecessary costs in the organization. Documentation The recruitment process should be documented accurately and access limited to recruitment staff.

Your recruitment process should be cost effective as well as time effective. To prepare yourself, it is advised that you remain up-to-date with organizations that interest you. Application form design and language is also important - a poorly designed application form can mean applications from some good candidates are overlooked, or that candidates are put off applying.

Prompt acknowledgment is good practice and presents a positive image of the organisation.

The Importance of the Recruitment & Selection Process

That said, if any vacant positions cannot be filled by eligible employees, the hiring company must hire externally; most entry-level positions are also usually filled by external candidates.

Joining an organisation Well-planned induction enables new employees to become fully operational quickly and should be integrated into the recruitment process.

A perfect balance of employees and work needs to be maintained in a company. A good process not only finds great employees but saves you time and money on replacing and training new people. Analyzing Job Requirements Identifying the requirements for each position in the organization is critical.

All the steps of the recruitment and selection processes are equally important in attracting and retaining the right talent.The Strategic Importance of Recruitment. Posted on November 21, Finally, the recruitment process is completed once a pool of qualified candidates is generated. The next step is selection, which is the process of choosing among the candidates who have been recruited.

The Significance of Recruitment in an Organization Importance of Recruitment Recruitment is a process if done carefully may clear way for selection, orientation, induction and retention.

Recruitment is the first step of Staffing. The vacancy arise due to promotion. Selection is the process that an organization uses to determine which job applicant will be the most successful in meeting the demands of the job or will fit well with the existing work groups and.

Importance of Recruitment and Selection Recruitment is the process of identifying that the organization needs to employ someone up to the point at which application forms for the post have arrived at the organization.

Selection then consists of the processes involved in choosing from applicants a 5/5(6).

Importance of Effective Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment and selection process is one of the most important HR function which makes a great impact on the revenue growth and the profit margins of a company as compared to other tasks such as retention, on-boarding, leadership development and managing talent.

Recruiters play an important role in the success of an organization. They essentially act as a filter that -- when used properly -- only selects the best candidates.

In a constantly changing business world, companies need to hire people who are adaptable, loyal, knowledgeable, dependable and.

Importance of recruitment and selection of
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