Disadvantages of ipl cricket

Life becomes fun with such a career. In IPL, teams are divided on the name of Indian states which makes people watch it, as a way of showing support and cheering for their own state. Each team has a franchise. A lot of people are now finding Test cricket more boring thanks to that. Every decision regarding the team, the cricketers even their payments, the management and the support staff is to be taken Disadvantages of ipl cricket the owners that are the franchises.

When Pune Warriors India bowler Marlon Samuels came under the scanner, his captain Sourav Ganguly said there were others who bowled much worse. Popularity of Cricket India is a cricket loving country. The money received by selling the tickets is also a large sum.

The players face health issues due to the heat of scorching sun, especially in Rajasthan. The franchise who is the highest bidder for the particular player wins the bidding and the player has to join that team.

He blogs at http: Either situations lead to fatigue.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IPL (Indian Premier League)

So this shorter format of cricket gives much more entertainment in a very short time. The below mentioned are both the pros and cons of IPL.

Thus, it has given extra pleasure and fun to the dejected cricketers. Platform to Enhance New Cricketers The IPL comprises of all kinds of cricketers, the retired ones, the newly became ones, the currently-popular ones and the currently unpopular ones.

A look at some of them Interestingly, they usually play against their national team mates which is a friendly fun so it is a global friendship zone. Playing two months in a year and making enough money for the entire year is enough for most players.

I read it and felt it to be a right observation. The twenty20 leagues are short and thus the excitement further increases. Adds Revenue to the Economy IPL league provides immense employment opportunities such as the job of cricket columnist, umpires, costume designers for all teams, police guards to protect the players, etc.

Source Cricket as a Career Cricket is considered to be a viable career option as opined by a celebrity, in a daily newspaper, recently. The sports scenario has definitely changed in India. There is no denying that one of the biggest charms of the IPL is the introduction of foreign players.

It provides name and fame within a very short time. But as everything has some pros and cons, similarly T20 has, on one hand it brings popularity,money,entertainment while on the other it harms the true form of cricket i. It is also helpful in selecting the player for international level. One should not give such a shoddy treatment to foreign players.

Fiancial wise, lot of small palyers could earn money because of it as they were not getting chances in Interbationals. IPL put a new flavor on the cricket. With the advent of it, many countries are showing intent to field their players for international matches and thus, catching interest of many other non playing nations.

He was proving to be a great Test all-rounder, but all that came to a naught. Among the cricket tournaments IPL has played a pivotal role. The place where money plays its role, the true value of the sport gets lost.

IPL, a Cricket Profession and its Advantages

What makes it a fun watching is many spectators do not support their home team rather they cheer the team in which their favourite cricketers are playing.

That gives an international appeal to an otherwise domestic tournament. The IPL 20 match is able to provide entertainment to a huge amount of people in the country, and the world, in regards to hard hitting, quality fielding and some really impressive bowling.

The league is a Twenty20 match series founded by Board of control for cricket in India. These are not good signs for the game. Two more teams have been added and so now there are ten teams participating in the tournament.

We have been trying hard to conserve longer format which is slow and time consuming, but T20 is the future. It is a Twenty20 cricket tournament which is also known as T Inwhen it started it had eight teams. From children to adults, male or female, ordinary to famous, almost every Indian love to watch cricket.Feb 10,  · What is the Disadvantages in INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE?

1 following. 12 answers it also has a lot of negatives and disadvantages the shortest form of the game has been kept down to a bare minimum in international cricket.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ipl Cricket Match?

But IPL is a shorter and more exciting format with additions like cheerleaders. A lot of people Status: Resolved.

Is T20 a disadvantage to cricket?

May 29,  · IPL, a cricket tournament which has been started by an Indian. It's a fun watching and highly engaging tournament.

IPL has full of advantages so follow it. Dreams may come true with ultimedescente.coms: Cricket is one of the sport that is followed by majority of the world and in a country like India where cricket is considered as not only a sport but a religion,although there are many advantages but there are disadvantages too; 1-The biggest disa.

Jul 27,  · Disadvantages: 1) Quality of cricket is compromised as is the technique of players. Their temperament is not put to the test. Its a bowlers game but i like d cheerleaders especially tose beutiful ladies dancing and one thing in ipl must b aded d team owners like prity,tina ambani,shilpa must dance as cheerleaders.

akshay Status: Resolved. THE IPL WAS WELL MARKETED Prateek Rastogi FT Section B IPL Introduction The session of cricket, before the dispatch of IPL was a bit sober and long, and bid for the most part to youths in the Indian subcontinent. IPL match is surely an revolution in Indian cricket and in world cricket too.

It gives a huge exposure to all the first class players and sometimes players who has not even had national level exposure. They get to play along with their idols of in.

Disadvantages of ipl cricket
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