Community interest company business plan template

Why were community interest companies needed? What is a community interest company CIC? Turn that on its head, and you have a very different approach: This will help you develop a way of promotion that suits the needs and aspirations, habits and attitudes of your chosen markets.

Include here your ethical, governance and customer management policies, together with the rationale behind your location decision and such things as legal structure and promotion. To encourage, support and engage in fundraising for the furtherance of the above aims.

To provide support to voluntary organisations and their full or part-time staff and, in particular — a to improve the support available to employees, unpaid volunteers and employers.

They include companies limited by guarantee, industrial and provident societies, and companies limited by shares; some organisations are unincorporated and others are registered charities. Now you need to get right out of the box.

You need to be very thorough here. This is where you will need to promote yourself, your product and your services. This needs careful consideration and depends a lot on what you will be doing and who you are working with. A social enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners.

To provide the above services within the XXX region and later extending to other parts of the United Kingdom. This can be expensive so check out what others have done, and where, before deciding your approach.

Community Interest Companies (CIC)

What can you safely consider to be your own patch? Rather, CICs should develop to meet the needs of local communities, complementing core Government services in areas such as childcare provision, social housing, leisure and community transport.

Look at their advertisements, their promotional events and the way they have developed their image — their brand. The answer is simple: To contribute funds to disability organisations within the communities where the company operates.

Employment support for disabled workers a. Base these on real need, and your market will come to you.Community Interest Companies.

How to write a business plan

Issued by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies. In September The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills benefit of the community rather than their. Download our free business planning templates and access help and advice on how to complete a business plan and cash flow templates for your start up.

How to Write a Business Plan; Business Planning Templates.

Creating a Community Interest Company / Social Enterprise

Business Plan Template; Cash Flow Forecast Template; The Start Up Loans Company is a company limited by. as Community Interest Companies (CICs) and examples from around the UK to support your that you will require to prepare a business plan for your social a business We’ve included a business plan template within the appendices; and, so that you can check your progress, at the end of each of the chapters, we’ve.

Preparing for success in the next 40 years.!! March&&! 1" CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2 become a Community Interest Company (CIC). This company was formed on 27th June and its Directors are: The business plan contains a significant number of actions and, while several of them require financial investment.

The Community Interest Company will help to meet the need for a transparent, flexible model, clearly defined and easily recognised. Everything you need to know about Community Interest companies and social enterprises can be found on The Regulator of Community Interest Companies website.

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Community interest company business plan template
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