Cargo insurance claims case studies

For example, he had noted that the heater was not of a type intended for use "in a marine situation". She therefore sent a formal claim to the electronic payment company.

Since buying the boat a year earlier he had put a great deal of money and effort into renovating it and had spent almost every weekend - and most of his annual leave - on the boat. However, once her parents had become aware of the hire purchase arrangement, she felt she had Cargo insurance claims case studies alternative but to give up the television altogether - which was a huge disappointment to the whole family.

The company explained that the tickets had not yet been sent out - but that she would get them in the first week of July, So Miss A agreed to withdraw her claim. It was not clear, however, that Mr G had understood this.

The tax legislation under which Mr and Mrs E were caught out had already been in existence for some years when Mr J advised them. Nor should he have sold Mr G similarly risky shares a couple of months after selling him the penny shares. For tax purposes, the film partnership was treated as an associate of the limited company.


Their claims handling process is unlike any of their competitors. However, the insurer refused to pay out. In the course of that conversation, Mr G had said that he did not want "anything speculative". They disapproved very strongly of any form of credit, so she thought it best not to reveal that she had taken out a hire purchase agreement in order to buy them a new inch television.

They consulted Mr J, a financial adviser, about how best to invest some of their spare capital, while also reducing their tax liability as far as possible. We also noted that in response to a written query by the insurer, the surveyor had said that he did not feel Mr A had been "reckless" when installing the heater, merely that he had "probably been unaware of the perils involved".

In other words, we had to try and establish whether he failed to take adequate measures to avert the risk of a faulty and dangerous installation.

After we discussed the situation with the hire purchase company, it offered to compensate Miss C by giving her a smaller, second-hand television set, which she was happy to accept. In response to this question, Mr G said he did not want to invest in anything that involved "above normal risk".

Case Studies

When the stockbroker rejected the complaint, Mr G came to us. So when the tickets had still not arrived by the beginning of March, she assumed that they had gone astray. In the light of the available evidence, we concluded that Mr A had understood the risks and had taken appropriate steps to ensure the heater was installed safely.

The insurer said that this constituted "recklessness" and was therefore a breach of a policy condition. ProTecht Loss Prevention Finds Stolen Cargo Falvey Cargo Insurance bound a marine cargo policy with a new Assured in the pharmaceutical industry that had previously been denied significant claim by another underwriting insurer.

Falvey Cargo is committed to going above and beyond expectations in terms of timely and responsive claims settlement.Here is a live case study about a freight forwarder’s liability on uncleared cargo where the shipping line is holding the freight forwarder liable for an uncleared cargo even though the delivery order has been issued.

Share your opinion on the same. This article is a live case study about. Case study extension of Marine insuranCe to inland transit issued – being the best option for its cargo of palm products loaded in Indonesia and discharged in Mozambique.

The Marine Claims and other settlement procedures as soon as possible. During our years’ experience, we have worked on countless marine cargo insurance claims, bringing each of our clients the settlement they deserve.

InsureCargo is the leading U.S. based facility selling cargo, marine, and freight insurance for single trip exposures to and from anywhere in the world. Read some real world examples of times when our insurance claims department came to the rescue and supported our clients.

Read some real world examples of times when our insurance claims department came to the rescue and supported our clients. Home Claims Case Studies. Wham, Bam Thank You Ram.

Falvey Cargo’s marine cargo claims department is recognized as the industry’s most hands-on, flexible and service-oriented team in the industry. Case Studies.

A Falvey Cargo Assured in the technology sector recently reported that a truckload of product had been stolen in Tennessee. Falvey Cargo Insurance bound a marine cargo policy.

Cargo insurance claims case studies
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