A level ict coursework evaluation

And would wear make-up, hair extensions etc. This is an example of one of the ways in which my media product represents a particular social group. Design Design and document data capture forms. This image is also what I believe the target audience of my music magazine would look like; that is to say that I think girls who would be the audience of my music magazine would look like this.

One way this is done is through the use of photographs. From the preliminary task I learnt the expected codes and conventions of most magazines and by completing the task it gave me a better understanding of some equipment such as IT software that I needed to use, as well as giving me some basic knowledge on how to construct a magazine of my own.

To gain high marks, students are expected to provide a detailed solution specification to a demanding problem. In addition to this, I also used the results from my music A level ict coursework evaluation survey to help establish my target audience.


Analysis Define the nature of the problem to be solved. Specify limitations of the current system. I also looked at the results of my survey to attract the audience.

Ict Info 1 Coursework

Posted by daniella on May 5, in AS Level Media Studies Coursework Evaluation 05 May Ultimately, to attract my audience I looked at other music magazines and worked out the codes and conventions that they all had in common.

Describe a strategy for implementing the systems into the organisation. Relate the solution to the capabilities of the software and hardware. Design screen layouts to include detailed designs of the proposed user interface. I feel that the preliminary task which was to create a school magazine helped me lots and I learnt many things from completing it which, in turn, helped me to complete my full product.


This software allowed me to edit the photographs which I took for my magazine and to adjust their brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. In addition to this they have also distributed other music magazine of similar genres including NME.

My experience with using Microsoft Publisher to create this kind of product a music magazine has been limited in the past but from doing this piece of coursework I have learnt how to use Microsoft Publisher to insert images, add text boxes and create a professional layout for my magazine.

The solution must incorporate the use of a range of advanced software features and functionalities. Students must produce a detailed project.

I then applied as many as possible of these codes and conventions to my own music magazine, so that the audience got what they were expecting from a typical music magazine.

This is why I made my front cover and double page spread focus on a solo artist. After distribution I think that my magazine would be sold in most newsagents and supermarkets. Another form of technology I learnt more about was the camera as well as photo editing software packages such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Paint shop Pro, which I had rarely used before.

This helps to represent the social group in terms of the clothes that they often wear. Gather sample documents currently used. A guide to any errors that may occur. The solution is most likely to be implemented using an appropriate generic applications software package s. User Guide Step by step instruction for operating all aspects of the system.

ICt coursework evaluation

To begin with, my knowledge of using ICT to create such a product has greatly improved. For example putting the double page spread interview into a question and answer format so that it reflected natural conversation patterns and therefore the audience felt as though they were in the room watching the interview take place.

So I would already know that they are capable of getting the job done. To attract the audience I looked at the results of my survey and noticed that potential readers wanted the magazine to focus more on solo artists rather than groups.

Therefore the title represents the social group of teenagers.The impact of ICT on society is enormous and as the percentage of businesses and households connected to communication networks such as the internet grows, so does the need for individuals who can master and manipulate these new technologies.

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A-level ict

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With Choices in Year 9. ICT Coursework for A2 is written with examination board specifications and requirements firmly in mind, ensuring that students meet all the examination criteria, and empahasising the aspect of continual development inherent to project work - from devising and implementation through to testing, modification and final evaluation.

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Alevel ICT info1 sample coursework - The Student Room Identify the user – discuss ICT skills, discuss health & safety requirements Also, you don't get a grade for INFO1 coursework - you take the A-level ICT Teacher guide Teacher guide: INFO1 - Important - AQA Teacher Resource Bank.

A level ict coursework evaluation
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